So today’s the big day!

We put the finishing touches with just a few seconds to spare for our presentation. We are all very excited and relieved to see the final product. Tell us your opinions!


Wrapping it all up for AIE Presentation.

Finally having the time to write something up for my feelings towards the final minutes of presenting for our VFX project. We finished the renders the night before and Chuong spent the late night finishing off all the comping for shots 1 and 2 together and James spent the night editing what he could for the final shots and editing our work for the break down. The rest of the team caught some desperate z’s until the morning hit. Chuong arrived to college late waiting for the final renders of the comp and delivering the steaming hot files to James for the final edit. The rest of the team were quite restless simply finishing off other assessments that were also due and getting excited to see the final product. James was hard at work editing and adding in some quick sound effects up until 5 minutes before we had to present! I was lucky enough to get a quick listen and viewing before we had to go to the presentation so literally the rest of the team didn’t get the time to see our final edit with sound before the rest of the class.

We were last to present and seeing all the great works come out of all the other groups made me extremely proud to be apart of such an amazing screen class at AIE. I was extremely honoured when the team gave me the opportunity to present to the class our final work and as much as I tried to calm myself I was really nervous presenting and as Josh, one of our classmates mentioned it sounded as if I was welling up because I seriously was! We have had so much support building up to completion of the project not just by our teachers but from all our classmates and there has been so much work put into the project by every single member of the team that it was something we all held dear and were so anxious and proud to show everyone. I made the worst presentation ever but it didn’t matter we played our footage and seeing it up to on the big screen, with the sound blasting the moment James’s intro hit with the After 5ive logo I got goose bumps and absorbed the experience of our final product. Once the Dive outro slammed down at the end of the shot we were congratulated with a long applaud from our classmates and teachers, that approval from our peers and the appreciation for all our efforts was very overwhelming and instantly all the weeks of sleepless nights was well worth it. Overall AIE has been impressed with our work and even featured us for the their newsletter and facebook page.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on this project and within the team and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in After 5ive for being such a great team to work with,  tomorrow we take the project to a sound school to see if we can find some interests in producing a tailored score for our shot and potentially introduce some sound artists to our future projects!


Here is a breakdown of our shot. Hope you like it!

The final bend

With only 1 day to go, things are pretty much wrapping up. With a few last minute fixes here and there, we are looking at definitely having shot02 ready by Tuesday and if all goes well, then perhaps shot01 (but we’ll see) maybe it’s still too early to be a bit optimistic, haha.

Here is another tease at what the final shot is looking like.


Bridge: Update

The shot 01 bridge update that Keen has been working on is quite fantastic! Pretty much done so check it out!


When number twos hit the fan

Now even before this project started, we knew as a group that some things were going to screw up and that it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride. However we didn’t expect it to be almost everything going wrong, and so close to the project deadline.

So to start off, the camera for Chuong’s simulations that were made in 3Ds actually doesn’t match up to the Maya camera focal length. Like it’s the same setting that we tried using but a 0.5 focal length in Maya is actually a 0.62 setting in 3Ds. We didn’t notice it so much with the earlier passes as it was the explosions more towards the background but there was a huge difference when we viewed the thrusters on the back of the Mech as it was sliding towards the foreground. It’s lucky that Chuong found the issue and now spending the time re-rendering to fix it.

Render time issues. Ok so this was definitely expected though we learnt our lesson here because we hadn’t optimised our scenes enough for rendering. Especially on the mech it was actually at the stage of not rendering it was that huge. Would constantly crash due to the computer having to compute way too much. More specifically it was the geo on the mech and the amount of it being changed to a higher sub-div setting on render. Which is a specific arnold setting and because it’s an arnold setting it’s actually not easy to change each objects setting from 0 subdiv to 2 subdiv etc. Every one has to be selected individually and having attempted this (well changing the setting from 2 back to 0) for an hour and a half now I decided there has to be an easier way. So I looked into writing my (first) own script and 10 minutes later, vamoosh! It’s done! Could not believe that I remembered how to program (basic programming haha). but so satisfied…

Also ran into an issue where a certain somebody named Damien deleted parts of floor. Ok so what happened is that apart of Chuong’s sim for when the mech lands and the debris flies everywhere.. there is actually a whole in the ground and one piece of concrete actually falls through it (actually doesn’t sound so bad but it meant we were left with an unwanted hole in the ground). So when it came to rendering we noticed this fairly large in your face hole in the ground… and one of the suggestions was to fix this up in comp by roto and I was like mmm… why don’t we patch it up? Which was 100% quicker took about 5 mins to create a mad n-gon (which was obviously quaded up cough*) and it patched it floor-lessly.